Senin, 06 Mei 2013

Attract Japan, BNI Targets Rp 3 T Transaction Supplement

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBNI) targeting value added transactions to Rp3 trillion. The figures, obtained by the issuance of international credit cards by holding company Japan Credit bureu (JCB).

Director of Consumer and Retail BNI Darmadi Sutanto said, this cooperation will gradually give birth card-based ATM, EDC and Credit Card can be used at BNI outlets both in Japan and in Indonesia.

"For its own ATMs in the near future will be launched, this early because it was felt important enough for tourists who come to Bali or Indonesian workers in Japan," said the senior official after the signing of the Agreement with JCB Issuing in BNI Central Office, Jakarta, Tuesday (07.05.2013).

"Then for the EDC itself will also be present as an ATM card at the end of 2013 and then we spend the last credit card, inikan need gradual," he added.

BNI transactions recorded last year grew by 31 percent, or Rp23 trillion. Therefore, the target of Rp3 trillion can be sure is reached. This, supported by the growth of the Indonesian economy was good and the increasing use of credit cards in Indonesia and Japan.

"We're working on the Japanese market as seen very good prospect, and for them this is very beneficial, it can be used easily in the existing BNI outlets there, with this card will increase the value of Rp3 trillion more for credit card transactions in the future," he said .

Further senior official explained, that JCB is similar to the work Visa and Mastercard system. "That license, not branding. Such as Visa and Mastercard, JCB brand later that there in his BNI card, stuck its logo on the card," he concluded

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